Kingfisher High School’s Braden Burns started his involvement with FFA at a very young age thanks to both of his parents being Ag teachers.

“Both of my parents were ag teachers so taking the class was never really an option. It also made for some very interesting learning experiences,” said Burns.

With gentle encouragement from his parents, Burns set out on his own journey in FFA.

“My parents definitely gave me no choice but the FFA is a program designed to only help the students who put out the most effort. The more invested you are the more you’re going to get out of it. The leaders that pushed me the most to invest in myself would have to be Chelsea and Mckenzie Clifton. They were older members and gave my life a direction to be just as prosperous as they were, which was an extremely daunting task,” said Burns.

Burns said he’s enjoyed many things about FFA, but one thing that stands out is how the FFA is open for everyone.

“What I enjoy about the FFA more than anything is that it truly doesn't matter who you are. Anyone can be successful in the FFA no matter what you look like, how much money your parents have, or where you come from. The FFA provides a blank canvas for so many people to be able to develop the abilities that they can control over their life,” said Burns.

As a member of the Kingfisher chapter, Burns is been involved in many things, but his passion has grown into judging livestock and public speaking. He also enjoys showing sheep.

Burns is a member of the cross-country team at Kingfisher High School.

“I ran cross country this fall and loved every minute of it,” said Burns.

For other students interested in FFA, Burns offers some great advice for other students to follow.

“Do it! There are no stipulations of fine print to get involved in your ag chapter. If you want to sit at the back your class go for it, but if you want to give it your all you will be very successful. You are only going to get out what you are willing to put in,” said Burns.

For Burns, his grandparents have played a big role in his life and he is thankful for their guidance.

“There is no one who has been more impactful on my life than my grandparents. Growing up my parents were always very busy people, but what that led to was a great beneficial relationship with my grandparents who were always there to take care of my brothers and I. You can learn so much from people that have already been through what you have and will take the time to teach you the things in life that will make a difference. Looking back on the bonding time that I had from my grandparents is something that I often took for granted, but they will never know how much of an impact they had on my life. My greatest debt will forever be to them and the lessons that were taught to me in the barn and on the buddy seat of a tractor. My grandparents are by far the biggest influencers of my life and words cannot describe how thankful I am to have such great ones.”

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