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When Jose Rojas decided he wanted to be part of his local FFA chapter in Ringwood, he was only in the eighth grade like many of his friends who joined at the same time. Now in high school and playing basketball, Rojas is still involved in FFA and still loves everything about it. 

“The reason I got involved in FFA was mostly because all of my friends were going to do it. I never had experience with agriculture, so I was hesitant, but I gave it a chance to see what it is all about,” said Rojas. “The two things I enjoy the most about FFA is learning about new things I have never been introduced to and being able to do all of that with my friends. There are many things just from FFA alone that have helped me and gave me experience.” 

Rojas does not show animals, but understands the time and dedication needed to commit to raising livestock. Rojas grew up as a city kid in Georgia, so joining FFA was something new he had never experienced. 

“I do not show any animals. I came from a city in Georgia as a kid so we never had lived in a small town like Ringwood where farming was just a regular thing for most people,” said Rojas. “The activities I do include helping set up meetings and important stuff with the officer team since I am junior advisor, speeches, and practice for any CDE (Career Development Event) that is upcoming.” 

Away from FFA, Rojas is involved in the band, which he enjoys very much, the academic team, basketball and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Rojas said anyone looking to get involved in FFA should jump right in. 

“If you look at my life you would initially think that I’m not a person who would enjoy FFA, but I love it. I came from a large city in Georgia and was used to urban areas but then came to Ringwood and it was the exact opposite. I thought FFA was just showing animals and being a farmer but it’s more than that. There are many more options to do like giving speeches, where you can improve your public speaking, or doing vet med where if you want to become a veterinarian you can learn about stuff now instead of in college. Those are just a few examples about things to help your future but trust me, FFA is worth it. You can even make many new friends like I have,” said Rojas. 

He added his mother has been a big influence in his life, putting him and his siblings first. 

“I just want to succeed. That way, hopefully, I can help her and repay her for everything she has done for me. I love her with everything in me,” said Rojas.