Stevens Ford 1125 March 2021

By Travis Sloat

If you ask second baseman/shortstop/pitcher Trace Henry about his goals, don’t expect him to be long winded about it when he tells you what he wants for the upcoming season. 

“I want to have a winning season and play good baseball,” Henry said. 

When encouraged, Henry added: 

“I want my last season to be a good one,” he said. “And I want to be a good teammate for my team, win a district championship, and for myself I just want to play good baseball and help my team out. I think our morale is great. We’re having fun doing what we love, and that’s playing baseball.” 

As a senior for the Kremlin-Hillsdale Broncs, Henry said he is looked upon as a role model by some of the younger guys on the team, and he wants to make sure he leaves a legacy as someone they can emulate. 

“I love being a role model,” he said. “I like helping them get better at the sport by helping them with their swings or fielding work. I want to just keep them in good spirits so they enjoy playing the sport.

“Having character means a lot to me,” he continued. “It’s how people see you as a person, and when you have good character no matter what you’re doing, it tends to open up more opportunities than you can imagine.” 

Among his main influences and inspirations, Henry counts his coaches chief among them. 

“Coach Pete Voth has helped me get through all these years,” he said. “He taught me most of what I know about baseball and general life lessons. Coach Rick Stewart has also helped me become a better hitter.” 

After high school, Henry said he wants to begin a career in heating and air conditioning. In his free time, he enjoys deer and bird hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his friends.