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By Travis Sloat

Growing up too fast can be detrimental to some, but a sense of maturity as a youngster never hurts. For John Henke-Rose, that sense of maturity started early, as soon as he slipped on a baseball glove. 

“I started playing in the fourth grade,” Henke-Rose said. “I really knew I had fallen in love with baseball when I saw how it changed me mentally. When I started playing baseball I grew a sense of responsibility, determination, hard work and being a team player.” 

Now, as a senior for the Kremlin-Hillsdale Broncs, Henke-Rose said he’s working hard to foster that sense of maturity into a successful final ride as the team’s catcher. 

“I’m hoping to get the guys to work harder in practice and have a tighter defense than we’ve had in the past so we can win a lot of games,” he said. “As an individual, I’m trying to correct a few mistakes I’ve been making when I bat, and training up a sophomore to be back up catcher this year. I want him to be a real leader on the team for the next couple of years.” 

Being a role model comes naturally, Henke-Rose said. 

“My dad and brother both told me as a catcher, I’d be taking on a leadership position,” he said. “They told me that all my teammates would be looking to me in one way or another. Ever since I’ve always tried to better myself and work my hardest for the good of the team. As for helping out my teammates, I try to give constructive criticism when someone needs it, but I also make sure credit is given where it is due. I want to make sure they are comfortable and open to bettering themselves.” 

In his free time, Henke-Rose said he enjoys playing with his dog, hunting, playing video games, working out and reading a book every now and then. After high school, he plans to attend his local trade school and study automotive technology.