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Seiling High School senior and Wildcats pitcher Ethan Louthan attributes much of his success in his years of playing baseball to mentorship. 

Louthan, who has been playing baseball since he was four years old, says his biggest mentors have been his dad, his summer baseball coach Kole Strayhorn – and God. 

“I couldn’t have done any of this if it were not for God,” Louthan said. “He was gracious enough to give me these gifts to play ball at the next level. I am beyond thankful for that and try to honor Him.”

Just under God, perhaps, is Louthan’s father. Louthan said his dad has given him mentorship since those very first years out in the yard playing catch. 

“He always had me out being productive instead of sitting around not doing anything. He knows how to push me to be better and help when I need it,” Louthan said. 

Louthan’s father taught him how to be a better athlete and a better person, the senior said. 

“He has taught me how to be a respectful person and value others and help them out,” Louthan said. “I haven’t met anyone that has anything bad to say about my dad and that’s a reputation I want to have. I would not be the person I am without him.”

Coach Kole Strayhorn helped Louthan build on that strong foundation, Louthan said, improving his strength and his understanding of getting around a batter.

“Strayhorn has just taught me so much. He has broken down my fundamentals pitching and just transformed me,” Louthan said. “He showed me what I needed to do in the weight room to get stronger and how to approach hitters when I’m pitching. He has played a crucial role for me.”

Louthan said between those three influences he’s come to understand what demonstrates good character: being a good role model.

“It’s being someone that others look up to. A person that brings something that not everyone does,” Louthan said. “A leader, in a sense, is someone who finds a way to impact others in a positive way.”

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